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San Gabriel Valley Auto Repair Map coverage areaDomestic Auto Repairs for All Ford Automobiles for San Gabriel, Alhambra, Arcadia to Pasadena area.  All Car Specialists is a FORD Auto Repair Center for all types of Ford Repairs from Electrical to Engine repairs and Maintenance to SMOG Checks, gas and diesels!

FORD Consumer Auto Repair Shop - All Models
Ford Automobile repair shop san gabriel

San Gabriel Valley Consumers rely on Ford Car Repair Specialists ACS

All Car Specialists has been diagnosing, servicing, repairing and maintaining Ford Automobiles and Trucks, both consumer and commercial, since 1979. All Car's experience with Ford Makes and Models provides consumers with a vast area of service from Diagnostics and Repairs to Parts and Accessories. 
Ford Mustang Cobra domestic auto repair center
When a consumer brings their Ford into All Car they can feel confident that their in and out service be it, maintenance or repair will be fast and efficient. All Car has a first hand capability of acquiring parts for Fords of all years, new and old and that saves considerable time waiting for the repair to be completed.

Standard to High Performance

Consumer standard models to high performance models, All Car Specialists has the experience!
Domestic Ford Muscle Car engine repair
 It is noteworthy to add that All Car has worked on many high performance race cars over the years that require precision repairs and this has given All Car a high quality edge when working on everyday consumer autos.
Ford Mustang High Performance race car repairs

From San Gabriel to Alhambra to Arcadia and Pasadena consumers rely on All Car for their Ford servicing needs.

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Ford Work Truck Automotive Repairs

Ford pickup trucks are a major part of All Car's auto repair business. The newer Pickup trucks have many computerized changes with each model and year change. All Car's experienced and certified technicians constantly stay ahead of the new implementations to ensure that your pickup truck will be given exact servicing as needed.
Ford pickup truck diagnostic auto repair shop
Above; Paul Brow, diagnosis a customer's late model Ford Truck to determine the resolve 'prior' to the repair.

All Car's advanced equipment and skilled technicians ensure that guess work is not a part of their diagnosis, and throwing parts at a consumer's car to see what fixes it like some other repair shops may do is not how All Car functions. Having the most modern technology and up to date certifications provides the customer with a repair that is specifically what is needed.

AAA Star Smog Center of Southern California
Fast SMOG Testing and Certificates - Serving Pasadena to Pomona to Monterey Park to Monrovia.

All Car also services and repairs older Ford Models such as this Bronco.
Ford truck repair shop san gabriel arcadia ca

Older Ford Pickup Trucks are often found in All Car's service bays. Customers and truck owners who have some classics from the 60's and 70's are often brought into All Car for repairs and service. Wit All Car's technology they can diagnose, maintain, service and even smog these older pickups. In case your truck requires servicing All Car schedules services to meet your needs along with a Shuttle to pick you up and take you back.

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Ford Commercial, Heavy Duty Service Gasoline and Diesel Bucket Trucks

Another large part of All Car Specialists auto repair service comes in the form of Commercial and Heavier Duty Service and Utility Trucks and Diesels.  Servicing, Diagnosing and Repairing these larger trucks requires special skills, parts and equipment.
Ford commercial bucket truck repair shop
Above; Paul Brow, left, with Al Asher, owner Asher and Sons, Commercial Utility and Bucket Trucks, rents all types of Service Trucks which are over 90% Fords. Al depends on All Car for all of their maintenance and repairs.

From Large Utility bucket trucks to Medium Duty service and delivery rucks, All Car has the experience to get them in and out quickly and back on the road fast so little to no delay holds up the company's work flow.
Ford Fleet Service delivery truck maintenance center
To see how some of All Car's customers, both consumer and commercial, feel about All Car's service, visit our
Consumer Reviews and Photos and Watch a short Video of helpful information to see why All Car should be your choice for all your Ford service needs!

Specific Parts on Demand
This can not be overstated, one of the most common delays an automotive repair shop is subject to are acquiring the specific part for your car, van, suv or truck or any domestic.  All Car also carries Blue DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid, that helps convert NOx into nitrogen gas and water vapor – two harmless and natural components for air quality control. Additionally, All Car cuts down on the time waiting to locate parts for your specific Domestic auto and often All Car can have the part in the shop within hours of you bringing your automobile into All Car.

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and of course AAA Members. Providing Car Repair services in San Gabriel, Arcadia, Alhambra and Pasadena areas