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Consumer Tips Video on why regular maintenence and proper servicing can make a difference

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ALL CAR Automatic Transmission Maintenance Tips Consumer Video

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All Car Specialists of San Gabriel Valley Presents a Money Saving Consumer Tips Video to help you Save a Lot of Money on Needless Tranmission Repairs and keep your Transmission Running Smoothly

  Noe and Paul discuss ways you can save money on needless transmission repairs by properly servicing your Transmission
paul brow owner of All Car Specialists, Southern California's most reliable auto repair shop with Noe All Car's tranmission technician

Old Automatic Transmission Filter that is clogged can cause shifting problems making it seem like you need a complete transmission rebuild which is not always the case
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A quick example in the video shows the difference between old burnt fluid and new fluids and discusses how each can affect your cars performance and shifting
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Call us Today and Schedule your Automatic Transmission Service to avoid needless expensive Transmission Repairs and to keep your car running in Top Condition!

Remember, not all Transmission shifting problems mean you have to have a new transmission or have it reuilt. Save Thousands of dollars with our Low Cost Transmission Service.

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  Regular Maintenance of your Vehicle can help keep your transmission running smoothly
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Brand New Filter
Allows for steady flow of fluids

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Clean Fluid shown below along with a clean filter above can make a big difference in the performance of your Automatic Transmission
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Automatic Transmission Money Saving Service and Maintenance Tips

Have your Filter and Fluid changed every 2 Years or 30,000 miles

Make a note of the Type of Automatic Transmission Fluid your vehicle takes and keep that handy. Always use the right fluids, it can make a difference, as all Fluids are not the same you need to add the right fluid type for the year, make and model auto you have.

Check your Fluid Levels periodically but no longer than once a month.

Be sure when checking your dipstick for fluid level that you check in when the engine is hot and refer to the instructions on the DipStick as to whether or not your vehicle requires it to be checked in Park or in Neutral


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